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ICS Group is a trusted provider of comprehensive electrical engineering services for reliable and safe power systems. Our team of experts offers tailored solutions ranging from design engineering and protection to installation, testing, and commissioning of power systems.

We also provide planned maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of equipment. With a specialized focus on energy protection testing, commissioning, and installation, we deliver an engineered approach to power systems and associated equipment. Our engineers use the latest technologies and tools to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and precision, ensuring that all systems are functioning properly and according to design specifications.


The Service We Provide:

Protection relay programming and testing
Generator testing and commissioning
Protection studies and grading
Switchboard testing and commissioning
Protection scheme testing, primary and secondary including differential and distance
Transformer testing, oil sampling, oil filtering
HV cable testing including VLF
Partial discharge testing
Transmission systems and substation commissioning
CT and VT testing
Earthing system testing
Step and touch potential testing
Equipotential rise testing and reporting
Remote end-to-end secondary injection testing


ICS Group offers our clients a comprehensive suite of high voltage technical services including installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing of their electrical infrastructure.

ICS Group work on a wide range of high voltage projects including substation commissioning, maintenance of transmission and distribution assets, process plant and electrical infrastructure. Our high voltage capability includes high voltage testing of transformers, generators, motors and switchboards.

ICS Group use high quality Omicron test equipment to provide a wide range of diagnostic and testing services throughout commissioning and maintenance testing of protection relays and schemes.



Oil & Gas






Wind Power









Our team make the right safety choices and implement appropriate safety risk management and identification tools to effectively and safely carry out assigned tasks without injury to personnel, impact to the environment or harm to plant asset.


Planning ahead and using previous experience to anticipate possible event constraints and mitigate against delays in a proactive approach to the schedule. This approach reduces inefficiencies or reworks and can avert critical mistakes, making the project safer, simpler and more successful for all stakeholders.


We pride ourselves on being dependable and resilient in the face of adversity. Our team adapt and overcome any issue to ensure continuous support to mission-critical activities, providing our clients with peace of mind that regardless of constraints or roadblocks faced while completing the assigned scope, ICS Group will deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we hire testing equipment from ICS Group?

Yes, ICS Group have a wide range of insulation, ground, transformer, high voltage, switch box testing
and commissioning equipment available for hire.

What services do ICS Group provide?

The major services that ICS Group provide are protection relay programming and testing, generator testing and commissioning, protection studies and grading, switchboard testing and commissioning, protection scheme testing, primary and secondary including differential and distance, transformer
testing, oil sampling, oil filtering, HV cable testing including VLF, partial discharge testing, transmission systems and substation commissioning, CT and VT testing, earthing system testing, step and touch potential testing, equipotential rise testing and reporting and remote end-to-end secondary injection testing.

Will ICS Group be able to provide Earth Testing?

Yes, at ICS we have a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who are proficient in conducting earth testing with exceptional precision and attention to detail.

What projects has ICS Group completed previously?

The ICS Group has successfully completed over 25 projects both in Australia and Worldwide. This experience underscores their proficiency in the field and their ability to adapt and deliver quality
services across different regions.

Does ICS Group offer project management services in addition to testing and commissioning?

The ICS Group offers various levels of project management support, ranging from consultation to complete EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) services. With a team of
experts who have played critical roles in successfully delivering large projects on time and within budget and can provide solutions to projects with challenging timelines and/or budget constraints.

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