High Voltage

High Voltage Capabilities

ICS Group is dedicated to providing a complete, competent and professional team that can undertake the full spectrum of works from design engineering and protection studies through to the installation and safe energisation of plant and equipment. Our team can also follow this up with a planned maintenance program that will ensure the maximum safe and reliable life of both new and existing equipment. We have a highly specialised team who can provide you with an engineered approach to energy protection testing, commissioning, maintenance and installation of power systems and associated equipment.

Testing and Commissioning

  • Protection relay programming and testing
  • Generator testing and commissioning
  • Protection studies and grading
  • Switchboard testing and commissioning
  • Protection scheme testing, primary and secondary including differential and distance
  • Transformer testing, oil sampling, oil filtering
  • HV cable testing including VLF
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Transmission systems and substation commissioning
  • CT and VT testing
  • Earthing system testing
  • Step and touch potential testing
  • Equipotential rise testing and reporting.
  • Remote end-to-end secondary injection testing.


ICS Group offers our clients a comprehensive suite of high voltage technical services including installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing of their electrical infrastructure.

ICS Group work on a wide range of high voltage projects including substation commissioning, maintenance of transmission and distribution assets, process plant and electrical infrastructure. Our high voltage capability includes high voltage testing of transformers, generators, motors and switchboards.

ICS Group use high quality Omicron test equipment to provide a wide range of diagnostic and testing services throughout commissioning and maintenance testing of protection relays and schemes.