About us

Our Core Values

Our team make the right safety choices and implement appropriate safety risk management and identification tools to effectively and safely carry out assigned tasks without injury to personnel, impact to the environment or harm to plant asset
We pride ourselves on being dependable and resilient in the face of adversity. Our team adapt and overcome any issue to ensure continuous support to mission-critical activities, providing our clients with peace of mind that regardless of constraints or roadblocks faced while completing the assigned scope, ICS Group will deliver.
Everyone at ICS Group, both as a team and as individuals, take 100% accountability for their actions and accept responsibility for themselves and those around them, to maintain our integrity at all times regardless of perceived pressure from external influences.
Planning ahead and using previous experience to anticipate possible event constraints and mitigate against delays in a proactive approach to the schedule. This approach reduces inefficiencies or reworks and can avert critical mistakes, making the project safer, simpler and more successful for all stakeholders.
Working with others without boundaries, in a “One Team” approach, to understand issues, learn from both success and failure and respect decisions to complete complex tasks, remove barriers and reach shared goals. This mindset and sharing is achieved through open, honest discussion and behaviours throughout the project organisation.

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